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1155 Brickell Dr, Miami, Florida

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is a 25 block area that is always busy and has enough to do to fill out your days. Here you can use our excellent filter and informative pages to look at all of our available apartments that we offer for sale or rent.

Miami was settled in the 1850’s by early pioneers and growing to become Miami’s premier neighborhoods as it is now become one of the largest financial districts in the United States. There are luxurious Bay View and City buildings located in the area known as . The condos have different views and range from 0 to 0 square feet. Boasting an ideal location, Marks on Brickell is near an array of fantastic restaurants, cafés and bars. The once quiet and serene Miami of the past is now a chic and new city within the city filled with the most incredible Miami luxury condos and high rise buildings. Being in the business for many years, we have the experience and expertise to know what the buying process is. You get the feeling you are in a big metropolis with what the city has to offer, but you can also decide to take a vacation just in your back yard on , only 5 minutes away by car.